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You can how to celebrate 1 year sober something as simple as a movie night or a backyard barbecue, or go all out and host a fun, themed party. You could also plan a full day at an amusement park with friends and family. Spend your milestone screaming at the top of your lungs as you ride the tallest roller coaster. You may want to celebrate your sobriety anniversary by giving back.

Many people in recovery take up journaling as a way to process their thoughts. Alternatively, a watch, key chain or other frequently used item can be a constant positive reminder of what they’ve accomplished. If you know someone who needs help starting their path to recovery, there are many New England rehab centers for addiction treatment that can aid in beginning the process.

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Treating yourself to a vacation is the perfect way to celebrate your sobriety. Think of all the cool places in the world, and even in your own country. One cool way of celebrating your sobriety and your commitment to meetings is with a token. As an industry professional 12 Keys has become one of my most trusted resources.

If you https://ecosoberhouse.com/ feel comfortable with your counselor, seek out another right away, but don’t let more than a few days lapse between starting with a new one. Since insurance coverage and appointment waiting lists can delay treatment, stick with your first therapist until you get started with a new one. Your celebration doesn’t have to be a big shindig — just gather a few friends together and go to a nice restaurant. It might be a good idea to call the restaurant ahead of time to request that the wait staff doesn’t offer any alcoholic drinks to your party and that they remove the drink lists from the table. When making this request, ask to speak with the manager who will be on duty the night of your celebration.

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Most importantly, all those in attendance can truly understand the importance of the accomplishment. Battling substance use disorder is not an easy ordeal but it can be done. A study shows that 10% of American adults, aged at least 18 years old, are in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. For many, seeking treatment for addiction is key to achieving recovery.

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